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Our design approach is geared heavily around the linking up of our strategic approach with tightly defined creative briefs. We have built an impressive portfolio of work with a variety of design formats ranging from the graphic design and production of brochures, flyers, complex specification guides and other literature, exhibition stands and graphics, design for web and email marketing campaigns, distributor materials, promotional items and complete ground-up branding and logo development projects.

Because our design team work with industrial and manufacturing type subject matter on a daily basis, they have developed a deep level of understanding of the best methodologies with which to present often complex technical and industrial products. In some cases this has resulted in putting the products at the heart of things by developing illustrations, photo-realistic images and animations. In others this has meant the careful development of user-focused navigation tools for brochures and other literature. As we place large volumes of print with our network of specialised digital, lithographic and large format suppliers this ensures that you get a high quality finished product, on time and at a price that won't break the budget.

We are also extremely adept at developing effective multi-channel camapigns which pivot around a consistent theme or graphic approach. In the case of a recent soft launch for one client, this resulted in our work being praised as "the most dynamic approach to a product launch" the client had ever seen in over 40 years of operating in the industry.  



Tetra Marketing websites are always built around a client's company and marketing objectives. Whether we are building the site as part of an integrated marketing strategy or as a stand alone project we still ask the same probing questions relating to positioning, functionality and the characteristics of the target market(s). After gathering this information we produce websites that are:

  • - Eye catching and wholly appropriate for a client's target market
  • - Equipped with the right level of functionality to deliver an outstanding user experience
  • - Innovative; often simplifying very complex problems
  • - Secure and hosted on platforms that are renowned for reliability
  • - Fully tested across different browsers and platforms including mobile friendly sites

All Tetra Marketing websites are accessed via a proprietary system which avoids costly fees to platform developers (usually passed on to the client). This also means that the design and programming possibilities are limitless. The websites are built to the latest standards and we continually embrace new technologies, techniques and the latest trends in design.

Over the years we have had our knowledge and skills tested by client briefs bringing the best out of our team. Our projects have included websites containing very complex product search engines, online game playing, membership sites with over 200 users (each with different requirements), carbon calculators and full scale integration with a client's existing back office systems. We also offer a comprehensive range of email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and ancillary digital services.



The importance of PR within the overall marketing mix cannot be underestimated and as part of an overall marketing strategy it has the potential to increase brand and product/service awareness within specifically targeted markets. Having worked alongside a number of stand alone PR agencies Tetra Marketing started to recognise a number of flaws in their approach which tended to lead to poor service delivery and ironically a breakdown in communication between the agency and the client. Tetra Marketing's approach to PR is heavily focused on integrated, targeted campaigns that are designed to increase a client's media profile thus raising awareness, drive traffic to the website and ultimately increase the level of sales enquiries. Tetra Marketing has in the in house capabilities to offer a full range of PR services which include:

  • - Media Relations; press release writing, distributing & monitoring

  • - Competitor tracking & analysis

  • - Social Media campaigns and ongoing profile management

  • - Copywriting for websites and all manner of sales materials

  • - Award Entries


Strategy and the implementation of a structured approach to marketing is at the heart of the Tetra philosophy. Many agencies struggle to offer a complete marketing solution as they only specialise in particular elements of delivery such as creative development of a brochure or website programming.  Our approach is geared around linking a coherent strategy with clearly defined tactics - this starts by identifying opportunities through a detailed marketing planning process which goes hand in hand with your business objectives and undertakes vital analysis of your proposition, your customers, your competitors and your market.  Clients are often surprised at the speed with which we get to grips with the key drivers in their industry and the unique and substantial insight we are able to offer. Tetra marketing plans are written in language which is easy for a non-marketer to understand and they contain practical and realistic recommendations for integrated marketing activities that will have an instant and tangible impact on your business. 

The planning process can be adapted with additional or reduced research to suit different budgets but the overall approach remains roughly the same - we undertake an initial fact-finding audit with the client and then develop a completely bespoke and comprehensive one to three year plan which combines strategy with a clearly defined programme of tactics.



Another of our key specialist areas is turnkey exhibition solutions for clients in any sector. Having invested in modular truss and gantry exhibition kit as well as a bespoke wooden flooring platform and studio lighting we now have a comprehensive solution including full build up and breakdown for any clients looking at stands ranging from 6 – 40 metres squared.  As the kit is modular there is unlimited flexibility in the size, orientation and shape of stands which we can produce. We also provide a complete in-house design service covering 3D mock-up visualisations as well as stand graphics printed on either premium tension fabric or budget foamex substrates.  A wide range of stand furniture is available for rental including cutting edge LED smart TV screens for showing animation or video footage, welcome desks, high tables, stools and lockable storage units to house literature and promotional giveaway items. With experience of producing well over 100 exhibition and conference stands (from small, budget stands right up to high profile 100 metre squared double-decker stands) in venues spanning the length and breadth of the UK and countries all over Europe, let Tetra take the strain on your exhibition planning and management so that you and your team can focus on selling.  As well as the design and build of your stand we can organise everything from space booking to objective setting and peripheral marketing to ensure you generate maximum exposure from your investment. 



With extensive experience in the construction sector Tetra is able to provide bespoke marketing advice stretching right into the details of specific building regulations and legislation. One of the Directors is a fully trained Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor while the other has extensive knowledge of energy services and technologies.

Both have worked at the cutting edge of B2B construction marketing with the world's largest insulation manufacturer and gained unique insight into the various channels, targeting everything from installers and end users to distributors and influencers. They have also established a range of techniques to deal with the more complex specification channel. 

More recently we have implemented comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns and product launches for a wide range of construction product manufacturers. This has included flooring accessories, ceiling tiles, floating floors and vibration isolation systems, laminate panels, cubicles and washroom products, cladding and rainscreen systems, modular and portable buildings, ultraclean canopies and operating theatre solutions. 


B2B Services

Many marketing agencies often state that the principles of business-to-business marketing are much the same as in business-to-consumer marketing. If you were to mention this to a business leader, owner or operator looking to increase sales from other businesses we believe that this statement would not be well received. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • - The purchasing decision is often far more complex in business-to-business markets than in consumer markets
  • - Business-to-business products and services are often more complex than consumer products thus requiring a different approach to marketing
  • - Personal relationships are incredibly important in business-to-business markets

Tetra Marketing is recognised as one of the leading B2B marketing specialists with over 20 years solid experience. Our B2B services clients have often originated from word-of-mouth referrals and we have acquired clients from industries such as; global logistics, the legal profession, management consultancy, the compliance industry and from trade associations.



Manufacturing is our single strongest area of expertise with a combination of 20 years running industrial/manufacturing blue chip marketing departments supplemented by the development of our own manufacturing-led client base over recent years. 

Historically the two Directors have run marketing budgets running into the hundreds of thousands of pounds for companies such as Michelin, Ingersoll Rand, Knauf Insulation, ENER-G and GMAC. The products involved over that period range from aircraft tyres to building insulation and from air compressors to cogeneration systems and landfill generators.

More recently we have been entrusted with far more modest marketing budgets on behalf of our clients dealing with the manufacturing of products as diverse as flooring accessories, composite window frames, laminate panels for the contract furnishing sector, industrial and agricultural tyres, building envelope solutions, floating floor systems and vibration and acoustic isolation for buildings and factory equipment, composite hose products for fuel and chemical transfer, ultraclean canopies and associated equipment for operating theatres, building energy management systems, modular construction products and manufacturing training and apprenticeships.  We recognise the precious nature of these smaller budgets and the need to extract every penny of value from them. This unique insight comes as a direct result of having led marketing departments within industrial manufacturing companies. We apply blue chip industrial marketing excellence to enable smaller and medium sized manufacturers to punch above their weight and play on a level playing field with bigger competitors.

Both Directors are also registered on the Manufacturing Advisory Service's directory of specialist consultants. Depending on meeting a range of criteria, if you are a UK manufacturing company with a requirement for specialist strategic marketing input, you may be eligible for match-funded implementation of a value up to £3000. Contact us to find out more.


International / Export

The development and management of international campaigns is another area of high expertise within Tetra as both Directors speak a number of foreign languages and have lived and travelled abroad extensively in their marketing careers. This has included responsibility for industrial marketing budgets and international market entry strategies across the entire Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region as well as contract negotiations and the launch of products and systems into new countries and geographic regions.

Another key area has been the establishment and training of international networks of agents and distributors. This is a little different from some of the generic research and consultancy offered by mainstream organisations and consultants as Tetra Directors have actually been at the coal-face and set up these agreements and deeply understand all the cultural nuances and localised challenges that accompany such an incursion into export markets.

We place great importance on professional translation and we often use international exhibitions as a platform for face to face contact and ensuring that a carefully chosen mix of integrated channels is utilised. Because of our background in this area we can also advise on strategies to help maximise distributor buy-in and your crucial share of their time and focus as well as bespoke advice and planning on the complex process of finding and contracting reputable agents and distributors.

Once you have established the network a carefully designed programme of support needs to be implemented to help build these relationships. Over the years we have adopted and managed a number of techniques to facilitate this process, everything from webinar and skype-based product soft launches to regional distributor conferences and, in one case, an unprecedented EMEA live product demo tour of a complete compressed air system built into a 40 foot shipping container. 



To develop a successful marketing strategy for businesses operating in the energy sector it is essential that a number of key elements are clearly understood:

  • - An understanding of energy policy, building regulations and other political drivers
  • - In depth knowledge of the measures, technologies and services available
  • - Knowledge of who the key influencers are and how to communicate with them
  • - The structure of the market and an understanding of the needs and wants of end users

  • Tetra Marketing has worked with a number of different energy solutions/service providers since the formation of the business in 2008. We have seen a great deal of changes to both energy and environmental policy and have been quick to point out the opportunities to our clients and show  them how to take advantage through well thought out, targeted marketing strategies.

    Without understanding the market fully we believe it is very difficult to achieve the kind of results that our client's demand. We have great experience of designing, developing and implementing complex product launch campaigns across a range of different channels and have worked hard to simplify some of the complex benefits that can sometimes be associated with energy technologies.

    If you have an energy product or service that is underperforming in terms of sales to the market we are sure we'll be able to help with the identification of new customers, positioning of the product/service and by increasing brand awareness.

What we do

Tetra Marketing is a full service B2B marketing agency based in Manchester that helps industrial manufacturers, developers of energy technologies and business service providers communicate better with their customers and prospects across a variety of channels both in the UK and on an international scale.

This in turn enables businesses to raise awareness of their brand, increase lead generation and ultimately sell more products and services.

Our Areas

Tetra differs from many other mainstream marketing agencies by focusing on its core niche of B2B marketing. Our clients suggest that the time spent and knowledge gained from constantly working with B2B brands day in, day out gives us a clear edge when it comes to devising, delivering and reporting on B2B campaigns.

The insight and practical solutions we are able to give are more tightly defined and relevant and they are also directly based on over thirty years' proven experience in these sectors rather than trying to adapt consumer-focused strategy and approaches to suit business target audiences.

As well as the sectors listed here we have also developed specific expertise in the chemicals and oil and gas sectors over the last few years.

Meet the team

Established in 2008, Tetra has successfully acquired clients from a variety of different industrial sectors including manufacturing, construction, international/export, energy and B2B services.

The company is now recognised as a regional leader in industrial B2B marketing, providing strategic and tactical marketing support and expertise to a range of client contacts including business owners, board directors and sales & operations managers.

Driven by the vast industrial marketing expertise of the company directors who are both highly experienced technical marketing consultants, one of our greatest strengths as a company is the energy, work and dedication of our team of highly skilled designers, programmers and copywriters which underpins the company’s client-focused ethos and our aspiration to become the UK’s premier, specialised, industrial B2B marketing agency.


Selby Wainman
Graphic Designer

After graduating in Visual Communication Selby initially worked on developing his design skills with a range of freelance projects. Since moving agency side he has rapidly developed

Damian Lever
Web Programmer

Initially joining Tetra as a Web Programming Apprentice in 2015 Damian has since progressed into a full time role. He has quickly developed his on the job


Max England
Senior Graphic Designer

Max has considerable experience of creating specialist B2B brands from scratch as well as fully fledged, multi-channel marketing and product launch campaigns.

Selby Wainman
Graphic Designer

his skills, particularly in the increasingly important areas of illustration and animation which offer a wider range of opportunities for digital content distribution.

Damian Lever
Web Programmer

knowledge and skills and now codes up fully responsive websites from scratch, HTML marketing emails and advanced interactive animations for exhibition displays

Alex Cairns

Alex has extensive marketing management experience mostly in international roles for blue chip industrial manufacturing companies including Michelin, Ingersoll Rand, AMEC and Knauf Insulation with wide and diverse exposure to all


Selby Wainman
Graphic Designer

He now develops high quality icons, infographics, animations and illustrated content for our diverse range of B2B clients across multiple sectors.

Damian Lever
Web Programmer

as well as a range of other digital marketing solutions for our clients.

Max England
Senior Graphic Designer

After education he initially worked client side in the investment finance and construction sectors before moving agency side.

Alex Cairns

aspects of the marketing mix. He has an excellent track record of increasing business volumes and implementing innovative strategic approaches for a number of technically complex industrial products.


Alex Cairns

His ability to assimilate product and service information and convert this into coherent and effective marketing campaigns has enabled him to work across a variety of sectors.

Max England
Senior Graphic Designer

He has developed the knack of creating something from nothing with only minimal client input and is particularly adept at ground up brand development.


Recent Work

Business Driver - Website

Tetra developed and delivered the rebrand of business consultants “Business Driver”. The key project within the rebrand was a fully responsive corporate website.

Digital Energy - Website

Over a number of years Tetra has developed digitalenergy into an established brand. Their recent brand updates were geared around their latest campaign ‘Know Your Energy’. The vector drawings and clever animations really brought the site to life and made technical information easy to understand.

Eurosite Power - Animation

EuroSite Power are another long-lasting client of Tetra. After a full website update in 2015, Tetra were challenged to create an animation to help explain EuroSite’s On-Site Utility technology and its benefits. In-house, Tetra were able to create a slick animation to help explain a complex product.

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